Natural Toilet Bombs --Vegan friendly--

-Natural Cleaning Toilet Bombs-

No one wants to clean the toilet, so try these easy to use toilet bowl cleaning bombs! They naturally help deodorize the bathroom and give off a lovely Citrus Fruit scent. Commercial toilet bowl cleaners are laden with chemicals, but not these toilet bombs! They are a natural cleaning product solution to water rings and other unsightly toilet bowl spots.
The natural toilet bombs don't only cover stains and mask odors, they completely remove them. While they alleviate foul odors and destroy germs, our chemical-free toilet cleaner bombs have also been formulated to fill your restroom with a beautiful scent. They are incredibly easy to use and they get to work in just a few short seconds!
Drop one in the toilet bowl and wait for the fizzing to start. Careful this is addicting for the whole family the kids love to watch the explosion, the women love the scent, and the men, well let's admit it they love to watch it explode too.

To deodorize: Place one bomb toward the front of the toilet before using the restroom.

To clean: Place one bomb in the bowl and let fizz for 10 minutes. Use a toilet brush to remove any rings around the top of the water.

** You get 6 rectangles with every order, approximately 4 oz**